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HBCU Game Day Recap of WSSU vs Carolina University

HBCU Game Day Recap of WSSU @ WFU

RAM Madness Week

What a week!!! October 10th through the 16th was one heck of a ride!!!

October 10-12th

The 10th through the 12th capped off a 6-week pre-season conditioning program which was probably the best pre-season in recent memories! The guys made great gains in speed, strength and agility! I thought the guys responded in a positive manner and the chemistry got better as they bonded during their struggles. The last 3 days we brought in the reserves, as in the ARMY reserves ROTC from Wake Forest and Winston Salem! The guys were tested with new voices, new drills and new challenges! The workouts were grueling and tough but designed for teamwork and communication!  It was great! Special thanks to Coach Beckwith, Wilson, Harbor, Braswell, Sgt Gaines and the Wake Forest/Winston Salem ROTC program.

October 12th

Besides getting up at 4:15 Oct 10-12th to meet the ROTC crew at 5:15, Wednesday was a huge day in my professional career. This summer, I was accepted to the Leadership Winston Program! The experience will definitely be challenging but I am confident that it will increase my knowledge of the community in which I work. Wednesday was the 1st of a two day kick off retreat! The days were filled with Leadership Winston Alumnus, great speakers, multiple breakout rooms, team bonding activities, group pairings, great food and topped off with Goose chasing prizes. I was and still am extremely excited to participate in such a great 9 month program. In addition, I am with a great group NC Fusion! I love the personality of my group and the diverse backgrounds. It will be a blast and we will accomplish a lot of assistance to the community!

October 14th
Part I

Friday was said to be the end of the week but it seemed like it was just getting started. As we prepared for official visits for recruits, we also had our annual media day training for my men's basketball team! Winston Salem States Director of communication and Media Relations Haley Gingles ran the training. We also had the assistance of our director of Athletics Etienne Thomas. I thought it was great! The players had their official uniforms on, we had our WSSU/Under Armour backdrop and interview table. We had some great interview questions for each of our student/athletes. Some of the interview questions were very tough. After each segment of interviews, Ms. Gingles and AD Thomas gave feedback on posture, tone, body language, things you should/shouldn't say, topics to stay away from etc. My student/athletes had some great questions to ask about situations during an interview that could cause nervousness or questionable answers. Again, they got great feedback. Unexpectedly, I was asked to come to the podium to sit with the students/athletes. I was running off pure fumes at this time but it was part of the training. I too was asked some tough questions but found a way to muster up some answers. I gave myself a grade of B-, but I will get better. I thought it was great for my students/athletes to receive this kind of training. I thank Ms. Gingles and AD Thomas for running this training. I also thank my staff again for setting up the training, Beckwith and Wilson!

October 14th
Part II

Friday night was RAM-Madness!!!!! And that it was. The Men's and women's basketball teams were introduced for the 2022-23 season, along with the WSSU Red and White team cheerleaders and our 2022 Women's track as CIAA CHAMPIONS! (Those rings they received were absolute fire}! Each player was announced with their own theme music, lights out, and smoke blazing!  I now know I have some good dances and some very interesting and creative young men on my basketball team. I thought the songs/dances were great and the individual creative themes were great as well. My assistant coaches were also announced. I thought coach Beckwith stole the show when he had his son come out with some high-intensity dance moves! It was great. Coach Wilson Was introduced with some lower-intensity moves and then there was Head Coach Cleo Hill Jr., still running on fumes. Being the huge Jay-Z fan that I am, I came out to his song God Did! I was also driven out on a golf cart that was a smash HIT..who knew. It was great. The Red Sea of Sound, the cheerleaders (Red and White)Scarlet Lace Dance team and DJ DP were at absolute 1000!!! We had fun as well with shooting competitions vs the women's team and also a shooting competition vs the band/student body and we lost! Lol I thought it was one of the highlights of the night! The young man that made the half court winning shot was amazing!!!! Super excited and the fans went crazy! The support for our teams is UNREAL with the student body, alumni/staff and community! 

Men's Basketball Annual player/family kick off

Saturday, October 8th was NOT a good day! However, it WAS a GREAT day!!! For the past two years, we were not able to have our Men's basketball player family cookout day due to Covid. However, this year it returned with a BLAST! All of the players showed and the majority of their families attended. The event was in the Bowmen gray field house/press conference room. The food was great, and all the players, families, managers, and support staff mingled! All of the players stood to introduce themselves, their hometown, major, and family members that were in attendance. In addition, this year's academic teams/coaches were introduced to the families and parents. Each one of the coaches stood and shared a few words. As I spoke to the group I emphasized the goals of Graduation, the growth of their you men that they raised, and no handing over to myself and my staff as well as this room will be the room pulling for a national championship! After all of the introductions, the event took on a whole new vibe as the DJs on their computers started dropping old-school tracks! I have quite the dancers and entertainers with this group, but the moms were the ones that kicked it all off with the electric slide! The players soon joined in! It was quite the sight for me and my staff but it was great! I received several text messages and phone calls from parents thanking me and expressing what a great event it was and a great time. They all expressed that they felt FAMILY! Although the all-stars of the dance events were probably Freshman Jeremy Dixon and All-star Dancing machine Xavier Fennell followed by his family, the MVP was coach Beckwith with the assistance of the MBB managers. Coach Beck to the event by the horns and made it Epic! I am definitely looking forward to next year's event after this National championship run! Thank you to all the players and families for your support! It is and was appreciated!


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A Canceled Homecoming Surprise

Well, hurricane Ian has come and he has gone. Our Ramily homecoming was canceled in anticipation of horrible weather. However, not even a hurricane could stop the Ram faithful and Men's basketball supporters from stopping by C.E. Gaines 230! I had a great group of Rams come to my office on Friday, a few were from the 1967 National Championship team!  They watched the entire practice and had inspirational words for the team afterwards and it was great!!! After attending our practice we broke bread in my office. I treated them to an NCAA occasional meal of subway 😊. We had a lot of fun. Probably the best part for me was the 1hr and 30min before practice in my office. The crew told story after story about the inner workings of the magical season. Stories about Earl Monroe, stories about coach Gaines, stories of the mood of the campus and community during the run, it was great. 


As it turns out, it will be my first interview for honoring the 1967 championship team once October 15th kicks off the official season. I will explain as it gets closer to the 15th how you can support your RAMS men's basketball team. With no was a great day to be a part of the RAMILY!



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CIAA Media Day 2022

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Wednesday, September 28th - I attended the 2022 CIAA Media Day event in Baltimore, Maryland this week. Here are a few pictures and a video of my thoughts on the event and the predictions.